9 Tips for a successful Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is both essential and at the same time a bit of a bug bear! Many people simply just don’t know where to start or where to focus their energy. So we have created a guide for you to keep in mind when planning your social media strategy this year.

1. Learn to Listen

An important skill in life is to listen. Many of us listen to respond rather than to understand. There is a distinct difference between the two. Social media demands that as marketers we listen to our audiences. Creation the right content requires that we understand our audience. The content they themselves create, the discussions they engage in and their interests. Once you have learned what’s important to them you can create content that will engage them.

2. Focus

It’s better to specialize in one area where you can offer real value. A highly focused social media and content marketing strategy has a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

3. Quality Audience

Quality trumps quantity every time! Many social media marketers focus on the amount of connections rather than the quality of those connections. Personally we would rather have a fewer connections that are really interested in working with us than thousands of connections that disappear after connecting with us.

4. Create value

Social media audiences are humans, much like your work colleagues, friends and acquaintances. They will listen to you, but if you consistently tell them the same story they will stop listening. In the same way your social media audience will stop listening if all you do is promote your product and services. It gets boring and they will move on! Think about all the times you have unsubscribed or unfollowed an account because you grew tired of the same old message. You have to add value to the conversation and keep your audience engaged. Focus less on conversions and more on creating amazing content that people are really interested in. For example if you are a hotel, add value by showcasing nearby tourist attractions. This is also a great way for a brand to interact with other brands in the area. Best of all everyone wins and in time the conversions will come. GoPro is another excellent example of adding value. We can all experience extreme sports and activities vicariously, by watching their video content. Why would you not follow GoPro for their next exciting video?

5. Patience

As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and this is also true of Social media and content marketing. You don’t just create an  success overnight. You need to be consistent and be in for the long haul to achieve results. Established brands did not create their social media following out of thin air. No they have been around forever and they are recognized because they were consistent and they delivered value. Another important factor is that when you create consistent valuable content your followers will share it with their own audiences. There is naturally value in this as you will expose your brand to audiences you had not reached before.

6. Influencers are important

If you have the opportunity to leverage off an influencer that endorses your product or services, that is a perfect way to market your brand. It is well worth investing some time and resources to finding the right influencers. It might take some time to gain their trust, but if you engage with them and participate in their discussions they will give you some air time. This could ultimately put your brand in front of an entirely new audience!

7. Be courteous

When audiences reach out to your brand you need to be on hand to acknowledge them. This might be a query , complaint or praise. No matter what the context is you need to respond as squickly as possible and always be courteous. Remember online audiences can be ruthless!

8. Be Visible

What is important for online audiences, is to know that you are there. Therefore don’t create content and then simply vanish off the face off the earth. We have seen many accounts that start out be creating content and gain a following simply to just stop! There are a number of factors for this especially in smaller businesses, but rest assured if you leave your followers will also leave.

9. Sharing is caring

If you want to increase your engagement levels and have people like and share your content, then you do have to reciprocate. It is important to share content from other brands and engage in discussions about other services. We are not saying you need to go out and market your competitors, but rather as we mentioned with the hotel example you could simply mention a restaurant in the area. The more you involve your community, the more they will in turn support your business.

Let us know how your Social Media Strategy is stacking up this year and if our content added some value. We are always here to help so feel free to take a look at our social media services offering.