Your content sucks!

Have you ever “really” looked at all the marketing that is sent out via the multitude of social media platforms these days? I find this a fascinating exercise. There are tons of companies and individuals that push out content, just for the sake of content and volume. Poor souls, they honestly believe that if they tweet, or post some pics on Instagram and fill our social media with their garbage that they will attract customers from far and wide and strike the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Reminds me a bit of the industrial revolution and mass production without giving a shit about your customers and their specific needs.

How naive …

I don’t profess to know it all, but I do know that sitting around at the beginning of the month and scrambling around to put together a “marketing content plan” for the month is definitely not the way to go. Believe me I have been there at the start of my marketing life, aimlessly trying to gather the best hashtags like a headless chicken. picking a few cool pix from pexels or unsplash (great resources by the way) to make the posts look cool and “professional”. End result NADA! a massive waste of time. Okay so here are a few things you can do better.Plan your content strategy (tough job I know !)

Plan your content strategy

The emphasis here is strategy. There is no point in reaching a massive audience that is just not interested in your product or service. Think about it you may have 20k followers on your Instagram page because you post cool pics. But honestly how many of these people are actually buying your products or services? Personally I’d rather have 200 followers that I can genuinely engage with, that are customers or potential customers. So when planning your content strategy define your audience. Every business is different so don’t follow the Joneses! Many people make the mistake of doing exactly what “xyz brand” is doing, because they are a “big fish” in that pond. However that does not mean their strategy will work for you. Besides you probably don’t have their budget anyway. You have to be strategic. Think about who you are attracting to your business and what profile of client you want to attract in future.

With that done you can now take the next step and identify how you are going to reach your audience. You may have created many social media profiles, but if your audience doesn’t tweet then there is very little point in trying to reach them via twitter and so on… Rather talk to them via Instagram or whatever social media they use, be on their level. I guess you can now see how important the profiling of your customers is. At the same time you are probably starting to see how much time you have potentially wasted … AND money! Never mind there is no time like the present to put things right.

Create Authentic content

I love it when people start throwing about all this cool jargon to define their marketing plan and content strategy. It sounds impressive but in the end it is hollow and contrived. To really “get” your audience you need to understand, who they are and what they really want. Nothing wrong with speaking to your existing clients and find out from them what would add value to them. Speak to your target market, just do the research. Yes it might not be the easiest solution with time and financial constraints etc.. but in the long run it will certainly pay off. Oh and by the way you need to do this regularly, markets change, trends change etc… Unless of course you would like to be a dinosaur.

In my first sales course I ever did, I learnt that people buy from people. The product sale is almost, a by product of the engagement with your customer. This very simple rule still hold’s true in today’s digital age. Your digital clients will buy from you if you engage with them. If your brand is not authentic and social and there is no point in engaging with your brand! Clients will simply not trust your brand, especially todays Y&Z Gen. Don’t underestimate your audience they can spot bullshit from a mile away. Reams of digital content without substance aligned to your specific audience is not worth the time and effort it took to compile and schedule.

Make sure your content touches people, let them feel, let them experience, let it be real. I have been doing photography for quite a while but when 3D virtual reality reared its head, I just had to get a 3D camera. What better way to showcase my clients businesses than to let clients experience your product or brand. The applications are endless whether you are a real estate agent or an online retailer. Just use your imagination and see how you can make your customers experiences richer. The bottom line though is that our clients gave their customer a unique experience, which pushed engagement through the roof. In short there are loads of reasons why you should create great content… Don’t want to bore you to death so moving along swiftly. Swoosh …

Use it wisely

So you have nailed the content, know your audience and are ready to rock and roll. Now you need to create an editorial calendar so you can assign responsibilities and assign the forms your content will take. For the sake of simplicity I will address an editorial calendar at another time. There is however a lot to be said for tracking the performance of your content. One you will understand what hits home with your customers. Once you know what works you can take the same content and re purpose it. For example if this article gets enough likes and comments I may just put this into a Youtube video format. Main thing I want to know as a content creator is: Do people want this content and why? I can also evaluate the responses and see if there were any blind-spots in my content. This would be evident by the types of questions and comments from my audience. I can then address these areas and engage with my audience in a non contrived genuine way.

So there you have some of my thoughts on content. Let me know your thoughts and if you would like me to address any other topics of interest.