Can Vital

Can Vital – social media strategy

Can Vital has been a fantastic new project that we have taken on. Very seldom do you get an opportunity to create from a blank canvas. This project is very much a work in progress and we are excited to see the end result.

Our brief was to create a social media strategy for Can Vital. Our approach has been somewhat two pronged. Let me explain. Often we get requests to create social media for clients, however creating traffic is just one part of the puzzle. We first needed to create a new brand pack with logo (also designed the business cards). Once done we  create the social media strategy. The last piece of the puzzle was to redo the website and create a website that would be logical and had clear call’s to action.

Thus far we have created an engaging social media strategy that has focused on what experiences Can Vital has to offer and what visitors can experience in the surrounding area. We have also incorporated this thinking into the creation of the new website which is currently under construction. Clear messages to potential visitors of what to expect and clear calls to action.

So far the brand has increased traffic to its website massively. We have been able to reduce bounce rate and see a great flow of traffic to relevant calls for action.